Embracing a Design Philosophy

kerr3kerr 3 design group, inc. brings a deliberate and informed effort to the design process to by integrating and acknowledging all participants in the architectural solution. Our goal is to find consensus in plaid rather than compromise with gray. The finished building must exhibit characteristics in keeping with the owner’s mission and goals.

Focusing on Mission

kerr3At kerr 3 design group, inc., we see the building as a tool to facilitate the mission of our client. Through our endeavors, we collaborate with our client from concept through completed project. Along the way we will stretch imaginations while striving to improve the functional aspects of a design. When complete, the structure will be a reflection of the client.

Creating a Vision

kerr3kerr 3 design group, inc. strives to make the Owner’s hopes and dreams for a new building, a reality. Architects from kerr 3 design group, inc. take great strides to design a building such that the Owner’s mission is visibly evident. Hard work and input from both Architect and Owner are essential to find the perfect mix of personality, style, and functionality for a building.

The goal of kerr 3 design group, inc. is to take the mission, ideas and dreams of the Owner and apply them visually to the concept of the new structure.

Through the use of state of the art computer software, kerr 3 design group, inc. is able to present the Owner with a three-dimensional rendering of the building, which is seen long before construction begins.